We charge a $99 sign up fee that will be credited back to you on your first invoice.  This fee is to help cover the administrative costs of starting your account with us if you decide to not send any inventory in after your account is established.

We work with new as well as experienced sellers in the Private Label and Wholesale sector only.  OA, RA and Liquidation sellers are not currently part of our business model. We have a minimum volume of 500 ASIN units per month for our clients.  

We accept small parcel (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS), freight, and shipping containers.

Most jobs take 8-48 Hours, completed during normal business hours. Large and labor intensive jobs may take longer. 

Yes we do. If you require a large amount or extended storage please contact us for a quote.

Yes, we are accepting clients on a VERY limited basis.  New clients must send in a minimum of 500 ASIN units per month. Please contact us HERE and schedule a time to talk with one of our team members.

We take the privacy and security of your products and sources very seriously, we are willing to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) if requested to ensure total privacy. Our employees also sign NDA’s and are not allowed to sell on Amazon.

For Amazon FBA customers, we do require user permissions to ensure your time spent interacting with us is kept to a bare minimum.

We can provide custom quotes for unique or large jobs over 10,000 ASIN units. Please contact us for more information.

We will accept your inventory, but if you are shipping from outside the US, we cannot be the Importer of Record. If your product is being shipped through a carrier such as DHL or UPS they can handle the customs and duties for you. If the product is arriving into the US via pallet or sea container then you will need a customs agent.

We can arrange customs brokerage services through our trusted provider network. Contact us for more details.

Not a problem, we can be contacted at our contact us page.

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